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Partake in Community Gardens!

Community gardens in the NOBE neighborhood  is in full swing wit
Golden Gate Community Garden
h the great “mediterranean climate” and is conducive to growing “just about everything.”  It’s not uncommon to find neighbors crop swapping their homegrown edibles and frequenting the local Farmer’s Markets: Berkeley Tuesday Farmers Market.

Neighborhood Parks Spark Conversation:

  1. Dover Street Park: Where many neighborhood gatherings are starting to take place.

  2. Doyle Hollis Park:  A large park that is well-protected from street traffic with areas sectioned off for both big and little kids: Read more here.
    Golden Gate Playground

  3. Golden Gate Playground: Great park for kids with a playground, basketball courts and baseball field.

  4. Stanford Ave Park:  A well-kept quaint little neighborhood playground with picnic benches. Read more here.

  5. Temescal Creek Park:  Where many dog owners gather in the mornings to let their four-legged friends play together. Read more here or here.

Community Groups

Neighborhood and community groups are strong and organized as evidenced by the East Lorin Neighborhood Association and the Shattuck Crime Prevention Council's recent efforts to prevent more liquor stores. The Lorin Neighborhood Association has rallied to keep south Berkeley clean and free of litter, graffiti and blight and brightening it up with new landscaping. And the Halcyon Neighborhood Association has long been active in South Berkeley.  There are also several email groups that work to keep neighbors connected and informed.


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